About Unicon 2000

What Is UniCon?
UniCon is a gaming convention held at Melbourne University started in 1997 by the Infinite Images Role-Playing Club. Designed to compliment Melbourne's other larger gaming cons, UniCon is a smaller, more relaxed affair and the ideal forum for trying out new ideas, rerunning old favourites, and generally having a good time. The focus has been on role-playing games, but UniCon has expanded to cover other forms of popular gaming as well.

Other clubs have also been involved with UniCon over the years, most notably the Monash University Role Players (MURP), who helped start Unicon and continued to be involved until 2000.

What Is Role-Playing?
It's tempting to ask what you're doing here if you need that answered, but UniCon is always pleased to welcome those new to gaming, so instead I direct you to An Introduction to Roleplaying by our gracious hosts, vurt.net.

The Unicon organisers would like to thank the following individuals and organisations:

vurt.net, the volunteer organisation and free gaming resource available to all Australian gamers. Find out all about them at http://www.vurt.net/

Melbourne University Student Union, and particularly Angie Venuto-Cole from Clubs and Societies.

Euan Lindsay, Gail Miller, Sean Jennings, Unwritten Rules and all the others who helped the Unicon organisers through tough times and made Unicon 2000 happen.

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