Online Registration

UniCon provides for attendees - players, gms and organisers - to register online to enter the convention.

This online system allows you to enter events and create teams for you and your friends. You entry will be ready for you to pick up at the start of the convention - all you need to do on the day is pay and then confirm your games with the writers. You can even come back later and add more games later.

Writers too, benefit from the online rego - you can check out who is in your game and in what sessions, or nominate other attendees as GMs.

What you can't do is pay for the convention via this system - that will have to be done when you pick up your entry on the day. However, everything else will be ready to rock and roll.


The UniCon organisers make every effort to keep information that we are given private. We will not distribute any information to other conventions or third parties, and we will only contact you in the future if you have opted to ask for further information.

That being said, this is a web-based application, and no information is encrypted. We recommend that you use a unique password for this site.

Changing your entry

You can change your entry any time up to Thursday the 23rd of September. You can add (or remove) games, move in and out of teams or whatever. Of course, it makes it easier to the convention if you make your entry as final as possible to begin with - this information is used for planning for both the convention organisers and game writers.

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