UniCon 2007

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Unfortunately, Unicon has struggled to find a venue this year, primarily due to the price of the Melbourne University Arts Centre increasing this year by more than 300%.

In the past few weeks, the committee has been running around hecticly trying to find another venue in which to hold the con. Unfortunatley, three weeks out from the con, we stil don't have one. So it is, with heavy hearts and festering rage, the committee has canceled Unicon for this year.

I know that this is disapointing and a bit of a let down, but I want to assure you that we did try; over a dozen venues were investigated, none suitable or affordable. We hope that with this warning, you have time to find something else to do with your weekend.

The committee will be meeting soon to discuss possibilities for next year and the pratcial aspects of my commiting hari-kari at Arc.

James Wright, on behalf of the Unicon organisers

If you have any questions about UniCon, you can contact the organisers directly at (unicon_games@yahoo.com.au)

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last updated: 02 September 2007