UniCon 2008


“Execute Order 66”

By Jimmy Riley

“Execute Order 66...”

The last thing you heard before the universe spiraled into a new Dark Age.

The Republic is but a memory, the light of the Jedi has been extinguished, and the boot of the Galactic Empire grinds entire worlds under its heel.

You are on the run, hiding from the betrayer, Skywalker, who now styles himself Lord Vader. If you are caught, or even seen, whatever world you are on will suffer.

But you still live, waiting, ready to fight for one last chance to make a difference before the Empire finds you at last; on a backwater planet, in a cantina in the middle of nowhere, that chance is about to arrive.

The Force will be with you, Jedi. But in the end, will that be enough?

A Star Wars roleplaying game for 5 Jedi - broken, wounded, on the run... but still Knights of the Old Republic. Set five years after the events in Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

Adult Content:
MA 15+ - Lightsabers are very nasty when they need to be
5 - This is their last story, make it count
Genre Knowledge:
Knowing Star Wars helps... not knowing... who are you?!
Rules Knowledge:
These are not the rules you're looking for...
4 to 5 - It is Star Wars though, the cliche will be with you... always