UniCon 2008



By Rob Shankly

11.15am, 17 July, 2009. Location: 38.4092 S, 147.9112 E; Troll-5 oil platform, Bass Strait.

Air temp: 9C at 1004HPa. Winds: 15km/h gusting to 40km/h. Cloud: 100%. Water temp: 14.1C.

24-Hour forecast: LOW; 5C, HIGH 11C, Rain squalls intensifying, strong winds rising to gale-force overnight.

The chopper that landed you has just taken-off again. You're surrounded by a pile of boxes of equipment, your equipment, the stuff you'll need to do your status survey of the rig over the next 24 hours.

The rig stands in the middle of a cold and very windy nowhere, and the lowering clouds threaten that the rest of this day will be wet, very wet. Seals gambol and play around the single pillar supporting the platform, diving in and out of the surge holes that honeycomb its structure. Seabirds, disturbed by your arrival, return to the platform, their calls lost in the wind and the deep notes of the sea.

There are six of you. And the seals. And birds. You're getting colder by the minute. And the last thing the pilot said to you was: It looks like there's going to be one hell of a blow soon, better get your stuff under cover. I'll be back for you in 24 hours..."

A single-session, 4 player Cthulhu Now scenario by Anderson, Hook, Anderson, for Conquest 1995.

Presented by Auld MURP (Shankly, Thomas, Betz).

Adult Content:
MA - Violence, Horror
4 - Important to play the character as presented, but creative play paramount.
Genre Knowledge:
2 - No player needs any familiarity with the background, but we expect you have read horror stories and seen horor films.
Rules Knowledge:
1 - We will roll some dice, but the rules are simple and people understand them within a minute or two.
4 - It's a dramatic, scary story that plays best if we keep serious.