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About UniCon

UniCon was originally the lovechild of Infinite Images and MURP, way back in 1997. It grew out of MURP's Capricon convention, and II's desire to also run a convention.

That particular version of UniCon ran for 3 years, before MURP was unable to continue participating due to a drop in the interest level in running a convention from the general membership.

UniCon continued for a couple more years, run by II and SFGA before morphing into Intensicon, a single day, multisession convention and finally lying down for a little rest.

In 2004, a group of enthusiastic whippersnappers decided to revive the idea of a University club organised and run convention. Folks from II and MURP got together and used their MIGHTY intellects to send out the call for blurbs, book a site, and generally run a fairly successful small Convention, with a little help from friends at 3WA who brought along some of the entertainment.

UniCon is now heading into its fourth year of its second life, and it has matured into a stable and well organised small convention. About 120 people come along each year to run tabletop and freeform roleplaying, wargaming and special events for the two days late in September.

You should come!

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